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In addition to our child-specific grants, we are offering matching grants to adoptive families who are in need of financial assistance and who are adopting children in the highest risk categories. The children who most often struggle to find a family are those who are older, especially if they are teenagers, children who have multiple special needs, children with very profound or complex disabilities, and even children who simply happen to be male. Because of this, our grants are reserved for families adopting a child who meets at least some of these descriptions. We invite all homestudy approved families who are adopting children with very big needs to apply! Please also consider making a donation today so that we can keep these grants going for families.

Information about our grants

If a family is approved to receive an Isaac’s Buddies matching grant, they will have a maximum of 30 days to raise their portion of it. For example, if we award a $500 matching grant, the family must raise that amount and then we will issue $500. If they are unable to raise the full award amount within 30 days, we will match the amount they were able to raise.

At this time we will not be issuing grant funds directly to families, but instead to their Reece’s Rainbow fundraising page. This is a requirement in order to receive a matching grant. We recommend having a Reece’s Rainbow family sponsorship program (fsp) already set up before applying for one of our grants. More information can be found at this link:

Ready to apply? Click the application button below to download a pdf. Then simply fill it out and email it to us along with the required documents. We hope to be able to be a part of your adoption journey!