Our Buddies

Please meet our buddies! These children have each been chosen to receive a grant through Isaac’s Buddies! They are some of the most overlooked children available for adoption. Each of them have been repeatedly rejected and have waited for years to be chosen. They are neglected and in need of various interventions. Many are hungry and suffering. They are also individuals who deserve to be seen, heard, advocated for, and loved unconditionally. Every child has unique potential and these children have been deprived of the chance to reach theirs.

We welcome you to click the links in each of their profiles to learn more, to share their profiles wherever you can, and to really explore the possibility of bringing one of them home as your own son or daughter.

Many of these kids have additional grants available from other organizations as well. Please let us know if we’ve missed any child-specific grants and we will add that link. Every single one of these children is in great need of medical care, a safe environment, proper nutrition, and most of all, the love and permanency of a family. Thank you for helping us to help them!

Featured Child


Yonah is ONLY available to families who have already filed an i600a form with USCIS! We have additional grant funds available for him.