About Dorian

Can you imagine someone intentionally hurting this precious boy? Sadly, that's exactly what happened to cause his disabilities. Someone who was supposed to love him and protect him at all costs, didn't. They hurt him and almost killed him. But he fought so hard to hang on. Despite a lack of family, a lack of love, and life in an orphanage without enough interventions and sometimes with unkind workers, he lived and he grew. He found his sweet little smile again. He learned who he could trust. He found a strength in himself that no child should ever have to find.

But his life is still hard. People are still rough, food and supplies and therapy is in short supply. Love is even harder to come by in an orphanage. It's no life for a child. Soon he will be sent to an institution where everything good will be even harder to come by than it already is and life will get so much harder. Please don't let that happen. Scoop him up and hold him tight. Let him know how amazing and wonderful he is.

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