About Hernan

When you look at how happy sweet little Hernan was before he was transferred to a bad institution it's easy to see how serious his situation is. He's now so sad and in pain, so lonely and twisted up. This isn't a coincidence. This is a direct result of extreme neglect and indifference.  But Hernan is still the same little boy. He can and will smile again. He can gain back the weight he has lost. He can be joyful once more. But only if someone steps up for him very quickly. His spine is arching so severely and getting worse by the month. This can be handled with medication and therapy, and possibly surgery, but he can't wait forever. His lungs are being compromised more and more.

Toys were brought to him to help bring him some small bit of happiness as he waits, but the staff refused to let him have them. You see, his special needs makes him unworthy in their eyes. So he's forced to stay in one position in a bed in a sad room every moment of his life. Please, save this child. Spare him from the agony he's going through. Let him live and thrive and be the happy little boy he deserves to be.

Other Grants for Hernan

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